Since we began our journey six years ago, we have been looking
for ways to push the boundaries of the traditional tech conference. Growing from 500 attendees to 20,000+ hasn’t been easy, but it would have certainly not been possible without a passionate team to make it all happen.

The intention of this handbook is to help you understand the procedures on site and make the most of the experience and to provide you some of the tools that will allow you to bring TOA18 to reality in the next few days.

One entire year of work, long working nights and the full spectrum of human emotions are about to depend on our delivery over four days.

So: thank you one more time and let’s get started!

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Tech Open Air is a four-day interdisciplinary technology festival.
There is a two day conference that takes place at the Funkhaus,
as well as satellite events that occur all over Berlin in over 100

And just to clarify - as a volunteer you get a free ticket to the whole festival (excluding OC events)!! You have access to everything attendees with a Festival Ticket have!



In 2012, a bunch of Berlin startup folks came together to create a
new kind of Festival, bound by the desire to build a bridge between
the worlds of tech, music, art and science.
From the onset, we wished for it to become a collaborative effort
by the community, for the community. Together with our attendees
and partners, we crafted the initial format via open town hall
meetups, got our logo crowdsourced, and became the world’s first
crowdfunded festival.
Rather than moulding people and ideas into one format, we seek to
provide a platform for others to build upon.
Technology is a transformative power that disrupts entire industries
and touches every angle of life. By bringing together technological
changemakers with representatives of different disciplines, we help
the disrupted better anticipate the future and the technologists
better understand the world they change.

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GEneral Information

Info about transport, registration, processes can be found here.


Our venue

Funkhaus Berlin is our main venue for TOA and TOAxNight. Satellites and Open Circle are taking place at different locations all over town.




We will have more than 200 volunteers who dedicate their time to help us make TOA18 happen. 


Satellite Events

In addition to the two-day conference and exhibition, Tech Open Air works with the best visionaries, businesses, and creatives from across the scene to put together an unparalleled selection of events at a variety of different locations across the city. Almost all of the events are free to attend, but priority will be given to TOA Conference ticket and satellite pass holders.

Volunteers are encouraged to attend Satellites when they have capacity to demonstrate their valuable part of TOA.

See the program here!



We always celebrate TOA with a bang, and this year will be no different. With the TOAxNight, you’ll be able to meet, mingle and dance the night away with fellow volunteers, team mates, attendees, and speakers.


What time do I have to be there? Who do I approach with my question? Where do I send someone who hast lost their mind?

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Open Circle

Open Circle is an invite-only event series limited to TOA speakers, investors, select media, and other VIPs (people can buy tickets only by application). This format covers unique experiences such as talks, dinners, and networking to smaller groups of like-minded people. The Open Circle events are run in parallel to the festival and are intended to cultivate a network amongst these elite guests so that they can gain even more from their time at TOA.

Note: It is likely you will not see any OC events unless you are assigned to them.



We have different networks set up throughout our venue. 

Copy of TOA 2016 - Day 1 - Image by Dan Taylor -

What the week will look like

From preparing the gift bags, to dancing the night away, here is what the week of Tech Open Air will look like from a birds eye view!



General Information

The Location

The festival will be located at Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastraße 18,
12459 Berlin. See their website for more photos and information about the venue.

Venue Map

Make yourself familiar with the FULL VENUE MAP - attendees will probably ask you questions about where things are located so it will be useful to know the main points from here, as well as knowing where the volunteer area is. 

For now you can get a first idea by looking at our Haus of Tech (our exhibition space). Check out all of the exhibitors coming to TOA18!

Getting there

  • Tram 21 Station Blockdammweg (plan your trip)
  • coup has special voucher codes for us - each code is valid for three free rides up to 30 minutes per ride, redeemable via the COUP app for iOS and Android (valid until 30.06.18). Code: TOA18-8A1C
  • car2go is extending their range 15-22 June and offering free registration. To claim your free registration, download the app, register with your code, and scan your driver’s license via the app. After the successful validation of your driver’s license you can immediately start your drive. CodeJ18_LC_BER/TechOpenAir
  • Biking (probably the easiest way if you are in the east of the city) - bike racks will be available onsite
  • mytaxi is giving out 5 euro vouchers in all TOA goodie bags
  • Blacklane is giving out 20% discount code in all TOA goodie bags (personal drivers)
  • Shuttle buses from Ostkreuz - see timetable.

Please note that there are no parking options on site during TOA!

If you have trouble getting home or to your next event, please get in touch with Michael (+49 162 2511458), he is directly in touch with the biggest taxi company in town and can hook you up with a ride fast even if the regular taxi hotline predicts a long wait or there are no taxis to be found.

TOA18 App

To make the most of the festival and receive vital updates download the TOA App. Link coming soon! 

Food & Drink

There will be a volunteer lounge with sandwiches and snacks.
Complimentary refreshments will be available to you throughout the entire festival when working at the Funkhaus. Please remember to stay hydrated; you will be very busy and it’s easy to forget to drink water. Food trucks will also be at the festival and you are more than welcome to purchase food from them - they take cash or card.

Essential June 20th & 21st timetable

  • 9:00 am Haus of Tech & Funkhaus Doors Open
  • 9.30  am Stage Doors Open
  • 10.00 am On-stage Content Begins
  • 5.30 pm On-stage Content Ends
  • TOAxNight: 6.00pm Content Begins
  • 8.00 pm Doors Close
  • TOAxNight: 2.00 am Doors Close

TOA Night

TOAxNight will take place at the Funkhaus on Wednesday June 20th from 6pm - 2am. You all have access to this with your TOA wristband.

For TOAxNight the Haus of Tech will be closed but many parts of Funkhaus will still be open: Studio 1, the outdoor foodcourt, the foyer, Späti, and MONOM will all have exciting goings on!

Line up:

  • Mouse on Mars
  • Digitalism
  • Hendrik Schwarz
  • Blaenks Minds

Wristband Types

We have a variety of different wristband types and colours (below). Please make yourself familiar with their access levels: 

  • Festival Ticket - TOA Conference, TOA Night
  • Startup Ticket - TOA Conference, Networking Area, Workshop Registration, TOA Night
  • Corporate Ticket - TOA Conference, Networking Area, Workshop Registration, C&I Lounge, TOA Night
  • Investor Ticket - TOA Conference, Networking Area, Workshop Registration, C&I Lounge, TOA Night
  • Media - TOA Conference, Media Lounge, tbc w Kerstin, TOA Night
  • Satellite & Expo Pass - Haus of Tech, Food Court, TOA Night
  • Speaker/OC - TOA Conference, Speaker Lounge, TOA Night
  • Team/Crew/Volunteers - TOA Conference, Backstage, Crew Catering, TOA Night
  • AAA - TOA Conference, Backstage, Crew Catering, Speaker Lounge

Additionally we have some authority passes. Only team/crew/volunteers with Triple AAA passes will have access to Speakers Lounge! And only people with authority passes are allowed to give introduction to security guards!

wristband overview.png

How to get your Wristband

You will receive your wristband on Saturday, Sunday, or Tuesday when you arrive at the Funkhaus.

Jamie Tobin will be organising wristbands and will be at Funkhaus both days - ask Kriszta if you do not receive yours.


Kriszta : +49 1525 3906417

Daniela (only for Stage Managekriment shifts) : +49 151 64558450


Volunteer responsibilities

Follow through with agreed shifts

If you do not show up to your assigned shift, your ticket to the festival will be cancelled IMMEDIATELY and you will not be able to stay onsite.

The majority of shifts last 6 hours. 


  • Arrive at your shift 20 minutes before you are due to start. 
  • We count on you to be at your shifts on time. 
  • We have built time into your shift for you to be briefed and so that you are able to swap with the person that held your post before you.
  •  If for some reason you are unable to make it to your shift on time, or have to cancel, you must immediately let us know.
  • If you miss your shift and cannot prove why you couldn’t make it, we will unfortunately have to blacklist you from volunteering at TOA in the future, you will be ineligible for receiving a pass to TOA through our other programs and you will not be given your complimentary entrance to any events taking place as part of TOA18.  
  • We value any help you want to give us, but we also see your application and acceptance of your role as a commitment to ensuring the smooth running of the festival. Please understand that our we have all worked incredibly hard to organise this - it doesn’t feel good to have people we trust to not show up when we need them the most.
  • If you are unable to make your shift for an urgent reason contact Kriszta on +49 1525 3906417.

What Volunteers get

This year we will have around 250 volunteers from all over the world. All of you play a crucial role in ensuring that the festival runs smoothly. We know that we wouldn’t be able to bring TOA to life without your help! To thank you for volunteering at TOA, you will receive:

  • Access to both days of the Conference, the Satellite Events & the TOA18 Party
  • A TOA18 T-Shirt (remember to have a change of clothes to take it off when your shift is over!)
  • A Certificate of Appreciation
  • A ton of new like-minded TOA friends
  • Event swag and good karma!


To act appropriately when you are interacting with speakers, companies, TOA team members, volunteers, and vendors. Here are a couple of tips while you are on your shift:


  • Approach entrepreneurs in a natural manner.
  • Shake their hand and introduce yourself.
  • Engage them in a casual, yet professional conversation.
  • Be accommodating to speakers. Speakers may not want to chat too much before their talks. If they need anything, please get it for them and just “lay low.”


  • Do NOT ask if a company is hiring.
  • Do NOT ask for a selfie/picture with a speaker.
  • Do NOT ask for their business card. That said, if someone asks for your business card or contact info first, you may absolutely give it to them.
  • Do NOT hang out in the speaker lounge or green room.
  • Do NOT eat their complimentary food or refreshments

While you are off your shift:

  • You may network and engage at Tech Open Air speakers, however we suggest that you continue to be respectful and understand that you still need to be tactful in your approach.

At all times:

  • You are an extension of the TOA team throughout the entire event, not just when you are not wearing your volunteer shirt. You will be given a team wristband, so people will know who you are even if you’re not on duty. Please act accordingly and represent us well!

  • Be polite.

  • Stay calm.

  • Always use appropriate language.

  • Respect other volunteers and attendees.

  • Don’t drink while wearing your volunteer T-shirt.

  • If you see something that doesn’t look right, intervene or call on someone to intervene. See something, say something before it escalates.

  • Overall - Just be helpful and accommodating.



  • Attendees: FIREFOXlovesTOA18 (open network/no PW!)

  • Speakers/Stages: TOA18_Speakers (PW: TOA2018!)

  • Registration: TOA18_Registration (PW: registration_toa)

  • Production: TOA18_Production (PW: production)

  • TOA Team: TOA18_Team (PW: teamtoa18)

  • Exhibitors/Partners: TOA18_Partners (PW: toa18partner)

  • Media/Press: TOA18_Press (PW: toapress)


Frequently Asked Questions


Can people enter without having a ticket?

Everyone attending must have registered via our website beforehand and check in at the registration. This also applies for all TOA volunteers, team members, production crew, exhibitors and staff etc.

Are attendees allowed to leave the venue once they have checked-in?

Yes, attendees are allowed to leave the event. Re-entry is granted with their wristband, which they will receive when they check in. Wristbands are to be kept on at all times.

Can attendees attend the conference without a wristband?

Everyone on site must be displaying their wristband on their wrist. Plus, the RFID must be activated at the registration. If this is not the case, please ask for clarification and send them to the trouble shooting counter next to the registration.

Can tickets be transferred?

Tickets can be transferred as long as they have not been redeemed easily by the ticket holders themselves when they follow the ticket link in their confirmation email.

Are tickets resellable?

Unfortunately not. Tickets are not for resale.

An attendee has lost their wristband. What happens next?

In the case of lost wristband, please escort the attendee to the Info and Troubleshooting counter where Jamie Tobin will assist.

Are minors allowed?

Minors are allowed on the Funkhaus grounds ONLY if accompanied by a responsible guardian.

Is the TOAxNight an open event?

TOAxNight can be accessed by anyone with a TOA ticket, including the Satellite+Expo Pass. Tickets can be purchased online.

Where and when does TOAxNight take place?

TOAxNight will be at the Funkhaus, on Wednesday June 20th from 6pm to 2am.  

Is transportation included in the attendees tickets?

Yes, the bus shuttle that brings people from S Ostkreuz to Funkhaus and back is free of charge for TOA ticket holders.

What are the bus shuttle times?

This year we have free shuttle buses between S Ostkreuz and Funkhaus running all day Wednesday and Thursday. See the timetable

What are the different ticket categories?

A breakdown of all ticket categories can be found here.

Which ticket categories are included in Open Circle?

Selected speakers, supporters and curated fews are part of the Open Circle program. Participation in Open Circle events is by invite and application only.

Do attendees have access to all conference formats?

Festival, Corporate, Startup and Investor tickets have access to the main conference, the Haus of Tech and the outdoors areas. Workshops are only bookable for Corporate, Startup and Investor tickets. Satellite + Expo ticket holders only have access to the Haus of Tech, the Red Bull Music Stage, and the food court on Thursday June 21st and TOAxNight on Wednesday June 20th.


Are there food and drinks?

You will have sandwiches provided in the Volunteer Lounge! You will be allowed to eat in the area when you have shifts that day. Attendees can purchase meals and snacks at the Foodtrucks and in the on-site restaurants Milchbar and Zola.

There will be free softdrinks and alcoholic drinks around the venue as well. Please note: that you are not to be drinking alcohol while wearing your TOA volunteer shirt AND you should only be drinking once all of your shifts are done for the day.

Are drinks free of charge?

Thanks to our beverage sponsors Red Bull, Warsteiner and Smartwater, all soft drinks, water and beer are free of charge during the conference for all attendees, volunteers, and staff members. During TOA Night drinks will be charged for. There’ll be free drinks (no longdrinks) for artists at the artist backstage (Dirigententrakt next to Studio 1).

When will alcohol be served?

Free beer is served from 12pm on all bars and the Warsteiner Späti in Haus of Tech. Long drinks will be served from 4pm by exhibitors.

Is there an ATM?

The is unfortunately no ATM on site, but cash can be withdrawn at the Shell service station preceding the Funkaus entrance, as marked in the general map. There is no cashless payment with the RFID chip on your wristband. At all food trucks and bars you’ll have the possibility to pay by cash or credit card.

Do attendees have to pay to use the cloakroom?

No, coat and bag checking in our cloakroom is totally free. There is one cloakroom before the entrance gates at Haus of Tech and one at Funkhaus in the big foyer of building B. The big cloakroom at the main entrance is also where Lost & Found are to be located if anything is lost on the days.

What time is the cloakroom open?

The cloakroom will be open to the public between 8am and 2am on Wednesday 20th June and between 8am and 8pm on Thursday 21st June. Lost & Found will be kept in the TOA office past those times.

Where is the Lost & Found?

The Lost & Found is located in the cloakroom at the main entrance.

Is there Wifi at Funkaus?

Yes, multiple networks are available. The attendee network is named FIREFOXlovesTOA18 and can be accessed without a password.

Where are the toilets located?

Toilets can be found throughout the venue. Please memorize their position in the Venue Map.

Is smoking allowed inside?

Smoking is not allowed indoor in the venue, but it is allowed on the Funkhaus outdoors, exception made for the the Forest Stage or otherwise specified.

Is there a wheelchair access?

Most areas at Funkhaus are accessible via wheelchair. Only the Sound Chamber is not. If wheelchairs need assistance, they should please ask at the Info Point next to Registration or call Christopher Bundt at +49 151 20191283 directly.


Where can I find an overview of the program?

The program is available online here, in the printed booklet distributed in all tote bags and in the iOS and Android App.

Are attendees allowed to take pictures/film at the event?

Taking photographs for private use is permitted in principle. On entering the event site, visitors consent to the unpaid use of their image and voice for photographs, live transmissions, broadcasts and/or recordings of image and/or sound, which are created by the organiser or his agents in connection with the event and their subsequent use including advertising purposes in all current and future media (in particular in the form of tapes and disks, and their digital distribution, e.g. via the internet as well as to use via social media and marketing channels, display marketing on and of the organiser’s premises, advertorials on and of organiser’s premises). 

So many speakers, how do I know where to start? 

Please make yourself acquainted with who is speaking at our conference this year. If you need some help see our Speaker Cheat Sheet

Is there a live stream of the conference that I can follow online?

Yes, there will be a livestream of all talks happening on main stage in Studio 1 on our TOA YouTube channel.


Copy of TOA 2016 - Day 1 - Image by Dan Taylor -

Saturday 16th, Sunday 17th, and Monday 18th June - Walkthroughs at Funkhaus

Sunday 17th June - Preparing and packing of Gift Bags

Tuesday 19th June - The first official day of TOA! Satellite Events and Open Circle. Volunteers will report to their shifts at night . 

Wednesday 20th and Thursday 21st June - The biggest days of the festival! The conference takes place at the Funkhaus venue. Satellite Events will take place in the evening throughout Berlin and Open Circle events will be taking place throughout the evening as well at their private venues. In the evening of June 20th all of the TOA attendees are invited to our TOAxNight at the Funkhaus. There will be music and refreshments to celebrate a successful TOA with all involved! 

Friday 22nd June - While events at the Funkhaus have concluded, Satellite Events will still take place all day across Berlin. 

Copy of 20523_TOA_170711 (2).jpg


We know we may have missed something, so if you have a question that wasn’t answered in the handbook or the volunteer FAQ, please free to email Kriszta ( , or call +49 1525 3906417

From everyone at Tech Open Air, thank you again for your involvement in this year’s festival. This will undoubtedly be our best year yet and we are looking forward to meeting you. Let’s do this!


The TOA18 Team