For one week only your pass to this year's TOA Festival could be discovered on the streets of Berlin.

Think you know your way around these streets?
Now it's time to prove it. 

First, head over to our Facebook and Instagram pages and like/follow us to take part.



How do I participate? 

map (1).png

Each day we will share up to 3 videos hinting at a specific location in Berlin.  5 tickets are up for grabs at each location, first come first served. 


Does the place in the video look familiar? Find the TOA sticker at this location and take a selfie with it. Then share the photo and tag Tech Open Air in the image!


The first person to find the sticker and tag TOA at each location wins a double TOA ticket! If you're feeling kind, you could gift this to a friend who doesn't live in Berlin.  The next 3 awarded tickets are single tickets. 


Missed out one of the locations? No worries, stay tuned and keep following our social media channels for the next new locations.
Read full guidelines for more information


Ready to find some Treasure? 

The first treasure hunt location is out, do you know it? let us know!
 Follow us on Facebook, and Instagram for the next locations. 

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Find me :)

Rules Guide