Welcome to TOA18 x DT50

Congrats on being among DT50 nominees! 

This year DT50 will be hosted at TOA festival on 21 June in Berlin.

Below you will find a guide on your involvement in DT50 program. 

Tech Open Air 2017 - Day Two - Image copyright Dan Taylor - dan@dantaylorphotography.com-95 (1).jpg

TOA18 x DT50 Program

TOA is an interdisciplinary festival taking place on 19-22 June in Berlin that consists of:

  • Conference 20-21 June at Funkhaus (Nalepastrasse 18, 12459 Berlin)

    • check speakers & program here

    • check our partners to be present at TOA here 

    • check Conference map here

  • Satellites on 19-22 June across Berlin
    • check and RSVP to Satellite events here

DT50 will take place on 21 June during TOA Conference at Funkhaus. 

All DT50 Nominees get the following:

  1. 1 x Startup ticket to TOA Festival on 19-22 June.
  2. Pitch time on TOA stage on 21 June.
  3. Startup exhibiting spot on 21 June. 
  4. 1 x Seat at DT50 Gala Dinner and DT50 Satellite on 21 June. 


Check Conference venue map here

10:00-17:00 Your exhibition at Startup Alley area

10:00-11:10  B2B Startup Pitch Competition at Späti Stage

11:15-12:25   B2C Startup Pitch Competition at Späti Stage

12:30-13:40 B2B Scaleup Pitch Competition at Späti Stage

13:45-14:55  B2C Scaleup Pitch Competition at Späti Stage

15:00-16:10  Tech for Social Impact Pitch Competition at Späti Stage

16:30-17:30 Award Ceremony at Studio 2

18:10-19:00 Shuttle to Gala Dinner

19:00-21:00 DT50 Gala Dinner: connect with other nominees and DT50 hosts. (*NOTE: TOA WILL SEND A SEPARATE RSVP LINK). Address: Elisabethkirche (Invalidenstr. 4A, Berlin)

  • 21:00-23:00 DT50 Satellite: connect with Berlin tech ecosystem. Same venue. 



  1. DT50 Jury will vote for a winner of each track before TOA18. You can check the Jury here
  2. Public will upvote your selfie-videos placed on TOA's website. 
  3. TOA Judge Panel will evaluate your pitch on Späti stage during TOA on 21 June.   
  4. The winner of each track will be announced at DT50 Awards at 16:30 on 21 June at Studio 2

20918_TOA_170712 (1).jpg



  1. Several days before TOA, you will get a link to your email to download TOA app to follow and customize conference program, schedule meetings. 
  2. Arrive at 08:00 on 21 June to prepare your exhibition counter. 
  3. Go to the Haus of Tech, 1st floor Startup Alley to set up your counter. There are NO counter numbers, your counter will have a flag with your company name already prepared. See venue map here
  4. If you ordered, pick up your food vouchers and RFID scanner from Infopoint in Haus of Tech (look for Michelle) at 08:00-10:00



  1. CLOSED claim your 1 x free Startup ticket here using your email as a discount code that TOA contacted you with. 

    • email Monika in case you can't make it to TOA.
    • In case you want to bring extra team members to TOA, email Monika for a special 30% discount code on the tickets. 
  2. CLOSED provide here crucial info (logo, email, blurb) to be used for TOA Exhibitor page and communications. *Note: Your logo should be in one of the following formats:
    • B&W in vector format (.ai, .eps)
    • Color in vector format (.ai, .eps)
    • B&W PNG formats (transparent)
    • Color PNG formats (transparent)
  3. CLOSED upload here your 1min selfie-video pitch to be posted on TOA website for the public voting. The video has to follow these guidelines:
    1. 1 min duration selfie-style video explaining Why? What? How? about your startup.
    2. Check this 1 min TEDx pitch as a example. 
    3. Don't worry about the selfie quality, just embrace your environment, even if it's a park of a broom closet - like Gary Vee style! 
    4. Video should be 720p HD or 1080p HD NOT in 4k.
    5. Name your file companyname_pitch
  4. CLOSED sign TOA Exhibitor Guidelines. TOA team will send to the email address (that is listed as "Logistics POC" in #3 to do above) a HelloSign link since your company has an exhibitor spot on 21 June (see Your Exhibition paragraph below). 
  5. As part of your package, you have 1 Job post on the official TOA18 Recruitment MeetFrank App. Before TOA fill out the recruitment form here and MeetFrank team will be in touch with you to set it up.
  6. CLOSED TOA team will provide the online pitch coaching sessions scheduled on 1st-2nd June 09:00-13:00 CEST >> See more info "YOUR PITCH" >> "YOUR PITCH COACH". 
  7. CLOSED. Till 8 June 10:00:00 CEST book here your food vouchers and RFID scan. More info >> "YOUR EXHIBITION" >> "EXTRA SERVICES"
  8. COMING UP. TOA team will provide design assistance for your pitch presentation scheduled on 7th, 8th and 11th June >> See more info "YOUR PITCH" >> "YOUR DESIGN SUPPORT"
  9. CLOSED. Till 14 June 09:00:00 CEST, upload here  your final 90 second pitch presentation. See the tech specs >>  "YOUR PITCH". 

32324_TOA_170713 (1).jpg



Deliverable: upload your presentation here by 14 June 09:00:00 CEST

  • Audio and visual: All audio and visual materials have to be submitted via the link above. It’s a good idea to also upload a PDF version of your presentation and bring a backup on a USB drive.
  • LAST SLIDE: include just your company's logo to be shown during 3 min Q&A session with judges. 
  • Format: only in .key, .ppt, .pptx, .pdf. 
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9 in Full HD. 
  • Fonts: standard fonts or provide formats with embedded fonts. 



  • Arrive 30 min prior to your pitch track at Späti stage. You will be briefed by a TOA staff member. You will be set up with a wireless headset microphone. 

  • You will do 1.5 min pitch and 3 min Q&A in front of TOA judge panel and the audience

10:00-11:10  B2B Startup Pitch Competition at at Späti Stage

Startups: CrossEngage, SettleMint, GeoSpark, Liquidprice, Doctrin, Get Scalia, StatusToday, Dashmote, GTN, ArtNight

Judges:  Lina Chong (Target Global), Tommy Oehl (Vito VC), Peter Zemsky (INSEAD)

11:15-12:25   B2C Startup Pitch Competition at Späti Stage

Startups: Getsurance, Fresh Energy, Perlego, Urban Jungle, Services, Generation YES, Minut, Kaia Health, ambiotex, Felyx Sharing, mything

Judges: Rune Theill (Rockstart), Uwe Horstmann (Project A), Tim Rehder (Earlybird)

12:30-13:40 B2B Scaleup Pitch Competition at Späti Stage

Startups: Celonis, Job Digital Networks, SendCloud, Dalia Research, Spacebase, Flow Neuroscience, Geoblink, Deposit Solutions, Peakon, Onfido

Judges: Chiara Sommer (Intel Capital), Gloria Baeuerlein (Index Ventures), Karel Dörner (McKinsey)

13:45-14:55  B2C Scaleup Pitch Competition at Späti Stage

Startups: TWINO, CGTrader, bonify, Zesty, TRINE, StudyPortals, Writelatex, ZIFY, Miamed, Homelike

Judges: Alexander Kudlich (Rocket Internet), Chris Steinau (Northzone), Colin Hana (Balderton)

15:00-16:10  Tech for Social Impact Pitch Competition at Späti Stage

Startups: Aid Technology, DeedMob, Bomberbot, Madaster Services, Kiron Open Higher Education, isahit, Pedius, BetterPlace, EVA Vision, Syrona

Judges:  Matthias Scheffelmeier (Ashoka), Sandra Fruendt (Google),  Friederike Schultz (McKinsey)


  • Check latest version of TOA18 Conference program here.  
  • You pitch is on Späti stage and will be introduced by a moderator - Derk Marseille.
  • Your presentation will be in one of our laptops. *Note: We do not allow using personal laptops for presentations on stage. 
  • Remote controls and laser pointers are available on stage as well as preview screens and a timer. 
  • A mini-jack connector will be provided for sound. Please tell us beforehand if you want to use audio beforehand.
  • Wifi is available at the Conference area. The network for you to use is FIREFOXlovesTOA18 (no password needed). 

Video recording

Your pitch will not be recorded. However, there will be cameras following DT50 attendees on 21 June during the day and the evening program for DT50 recap video. 


  • Our designer is Annika Magnusson.
  • Till 6 June 23:59:59 CEST Please upload HERE a working file in a folder named after your company in order for the designer to give feedback. 
    • Ideally use Google Slides, this allows for speedy collaboration and feedback (commenting, tagging etc). 
    • Otherwise can upload .key, .ppt, .pptx
    • Last slide should be your company's logo to be shown during 3 min Q&A session with judges. 
  • The designer will review and make notes/comments on all presentations on 7 June. 
  • Startups that want support can schedule 20min calls from 2pm 7th June, all day 8th/11th June via designer's calendly link: https://calendly.com/annika-magnusson93/presentation-design-support
  • If startups have further questions, they can email annika.magnusson93@gmail.com, add her to their slack, or write on Skype (annikachristinemag). However, she may not be able to reply in a timely manner. 

Annika's Tips for Pitch Presentation Design

Since there are 50 startups with 90 seconds to pitch, keep in mind that it can be a lot of information to take in. Your presentation should not be anything similar to a company overview that is sent to someone in an email.

It can be difficult for people to read and listen all at once. So don't spent a whole lot of time creating a very content heavy presentation, when you really want them to be listening to what you are saying. 

Content wise, the visuals should give something extra to your pitch or highlight key points. It should not just repeat what you are saying, it should visually navigate what you are saying by...

  • Providing imagery to represent your discussed topic
  • Emphasise bold statements
  • Highlight key metrics/statistics
  • Adding personality or humour (again, keep in mind there are many presentations and people need a bit of comic relief!)

Your presentation should not be something that an audience member will need to stop, read and understand. You should either guide the audience through what is on the screen, or it is simple to digest. 

  • To make something visually simple to digest: understand the benefits of using white space. Cannot elaborate enough, that content wise less is more. This doesn't mean less number of slides, have as many slides as your heart desires.. however each slide should be kept clean and concise. 
  • Read this about the benefits of using white space.

Simply put, a professional, visually appealing presentation just makes your company look better. First impressions do count, and sorry to say, but people can judge a book by its cover! 


  • Be consistent with your branding colour scheme, or select two to three colours for foreground tones, background base, and accents.
  • Keep in mind the visuals will be projected onto a large screen, this in turn effects what colours can and should not be used (or used together). 
    • If available to you, I recommend testing the presentation on a projector, as what you see on your retina laptop screen may be vastly different to what is shown on a projected screen. 
    • If you can't do this, just make sure you are using contrasting colours (basic example being: white background, black text -- don't use two light colours together, no one will be able to see it)


  • Choose easy to read fonts. Sans Serif fonts are more readable than serif fonts.
  • If you are not uploading a presentation format with embedded fonts, make sure you use standard fonts that are available on all laptops.
  • Fonts can be applied in all different sizes to create a visual hierarchy. For this instance, I suggest only using at between 2 font sizes, dependent on important. 
  • Font should be at least 25px. 
  • Read more about presentation typography here.



  • Make sure you are using visually appealing, quality images. 
    • Pexels has a ton of free quality images for you to use. 
  • Use icons instead of words. 
    • Flaticon has a huge library. Just make sure you are using icon designs that are the same look and feel. Please. 


  • Till 6 June 23:59:59 CEST Please upload HERE a working file to the Google Drive folder in order for the designer to give feedback. 
    • Ideally use Google Slides, this allows for speedy collaboration and feedback (commenting, tagging etc). 
    • Otherwise can upload .key, .ppt, .pptx


  • 16:9 in full HD


  • All audio and visual materials have to be submitted. It’s a good idea to also upload a PDF version of your presentation and bring a backup on a USB drive.



  • Our official DT50 pitch coach is Bianca Praetorius.
  • Book pitch coach here (CLOSED) for an individual 10 min session on the following:
    • 1 June (Friday) 09:00-13:00 CEST
    • 2 June (Saturday) 09:00-13:00 CEST
  • Before the session starts:
    • Send to Bianca your pitch deck AND your phone number on email >> bianca.praetorius@gmail.com
    • Add Bianca on +49177 84 54 794 on WhatsApp. 
    • If that should not work Bianca will call you from her UAE number.
  • Before the session read the following tips from Bianca to prep for the session at your best. 

*** Hello dear Founders of the DT50 Program.
Some of you met me already, some of you will be on the phone on Friday & Saturday. ;)
I'll provide you with a "quick&dirty but hands-on" feedback to your 90-sec Pitch for June 21.

Here, my dears, are a few no-brainers to remember.


Have a guess: This is a 90 sec Pitch. 
There are 50 startups going in one row. (...At Europe's most favourite radical FOMO-festival, TOA Berlin. It's damn noisy and people, terribly distracted and potentially tipsy by 4pm. Make sure you're precise, sharp & spot on. Own that stage (#likeaboss) for this 90-sec plus 3 min Q&A.

To have a little help, YOU and ME will have a 10-minute Call (...or call it a final run-through-rehearsal) on June 1&2. :)

This is what you need to prepare for our call:

- Have your slides prepared. Send them to me just before our call: bianca.praetorius@gmail.com

  • Have as many slides as you like. (The limit is time - not slides) But: ONE thought PER slide. Please. 
  • NO  overcomplex slides. (It doesn't make things any clearer, deal with it.)
  • NO Text-graveyards on slides. (No one will read it anyway, because they'll be busy listening to what you have to say.)
  • YES for Photos, Examples, Visuals. (Think Pictures & film rather than bulletpoint parades & excell sheets. It's a live-presented business-pitch, not a send-out-pdf.)

- I strongly suggest to write a short script for your pitch. 
Use Short sentences. Boom. A few words. Yeah. Just like that. Next sentence. Super easy. ;)
(Think Rap-battle-spitting rather than conversational-philosophy-circle.)

Spoiler alert:

This is a specific Tech-Startup-Ecosystem-crowd: Love your story, but don't overdo the Drama & Story-for-the-sake-of-story.

You all know what the historical Startup Pitch (surprise, surprise): Problem, Solution, Product, Traction, Market, business model, Competition, Go-to-market, Roadmap, Team, Call-to-action. Go for exactly it. It makes so much sense. 

BUT (!) This is a 90 seconds pitch. 
Kill your darlings & Kiss the elephants in the room.
Start your pitch with the most stand-out-mindblowing-facts in the beginning. Have the less-so-but-still-mindblowing facts at the end. Anything else: CUT OUT.

Can't wait to meet you,

Much love,

Bianca **

RedBull at TOA17_S.Wieland (1).jpg


Startup Alley is part of 7,000 sqm Haus of Tech Exhibition area (see map here).

For each DT50 nominee TOA provides an exhibition spot at Startup Alley on 21 June equipped with the following:

Your exhibition spot at Startup Alley on 21 June is equipped with the following:

  • 0.5m x 1m x 1.2m (depth / width / height) wooden counter table (See photo below of Startup Alley at TOA17. *Note: there will not be the cardboard walls behind the counter.)
  • Company's Name Tag on the Exhibitor Tag produced by TOA production (See sketch below).
  • A locked storage place on the backside of the counter. 
  • Electricity at the volume of 0.5kWh.
  • Wifi Network (FIREFOXlovesTOA18, no password).
  • 1 x 3-power socket, Schuko standard.
  • Inclusion in the Exhibitors list on TOA's website and app.



  • FOOD VOUCHERS. TOA will have multiple food trucks on site, varying from healthy tropical to real german. You can pre-order food vouchers now for €10/meal. This voucher is available for all food worth up 'till €10 at food truck (NOT pizzeria and Milchbar).. This way it's easy for you and your staff, sponsors and partners to enjoy your breakfast/lunch/diner. They are valuable for both 20th and 21th of june. You can use each food voucher at one food truck per time. You will receive your vouchers at TOA info point on the morning of your exhibition. Go there to pick it up from 8:00 to 10:00.

  • RFID SCAN. It's the device that allows scanning the visitors' wristband, getting needed information such as name, email, job position, age & gender, and creates a complete excel sheet with all the data after the event. You can rent this device from us for €75 / day. We highly recommend! You can pick up your RFID device from 8:00 till 10:00 at the info point. Between 18:00 till 19:00 you can hand it in again there.

  • Till 8 June 10:00:00 CEST book here your food vouchers and RFID scan


All materials that uses inside the hall have to be non-flammable and meet German standards of non-flammability (DIN 4102), minimum to the rating of B1. DIN 4102 B1 certificates for all items or proof of use of liquid must be brought by the exhibitors.


  • to use roll-ups, pop-ups, PVC banners or other standard trade show displays. Bring small but cool swag...or wear a hot naked man BBQ apron! 

  • use lots of ‘plastic’ on the stall e.g., excessive use of PVC banners or disposable products

  • bring electrical equipment like popcorn, smoothie, coffee, cocktail etc machines. It's a 1sqm table counter not a customized booth, so you're not allowed to do Happy Hours, fireworks etc there.
  • no pets are allowed in the exhibition hall except guide dogs, as stated in the Technical Guidelines point 12 section f.
  • use stickers, paint or anything that cannot be removed from the counter by 20:00:00 on 21 June. 

NO PARKING is available in front of Funkhaus, so you'd need to find a parking spot in the neighbourhood on your own. 


  • Your exhibition counter has to be left without any belongings, marketing materials by 20:00:00 on 21 June. 
  • Return your RFID scanner at Infopoint to Michelle at 18:00-19:00 on 21 June. 
  • Leave the key of counter's locker in the lock. 
  • Take away ALL THE TRASH from your counter. There'll be garbage disposal on the floor. 


  • Exhibition time 09:00 - 18:00
  • Doors for Exhibitors 08:00 - 20:00
  • TOA Conference program 10:00 - 17:00
  • Doors for the public 09:00 - 20:00
  • Live music, food, art installations and drinks 17:00 - 20:00




TOA Conference and DT50 takes places at Funkhaus (Nalepastrasse 18, 12459 Berlin). 

There's no parking available, we highly recommend to use public or sharing transport (Coup, Emmy, Ofo, Drivy). 

Some travel time references: 

  • 25 min taxi and 35 min train ride from Alexanderplatz.
  • 7 minutes taxi ride from Ostkreuz.
  • 20 minutes M21 tram ride from Frankfurter Tor. 

In case you are traveling from abroad, you can use the services of our travel partner TravelPerk


  • Funkhaus is open on 20-21 June at 09:00-18:00.
  • Conference takes place on 20-21 June at 10:00-17:30.
  • Food can be bought at the food court of the Conference area. Cash and card payments accepted, ATM at the gas station. 
  • See the Conference location map here


  • Tickets: till 15 May 09:00:00 CEST claim your free Startup ticket here using your email as a discount code that TOA contacted you with. 
  • Wristbands can be picked up at the registration desk on the day of the Conference (20-21 June). Wristbands will give you access to the designated areas and must be worn at all times. *Note: TOA is a festival and we don't wear name badges. 


  • In case you don't live in Germany, make sure to have an adapter for the German power outlets.


Keller Sports presents TOAxNight

An immersive experience overflowing with DJs, art installations, live concerts and different corners ready to be explored.

On June 20th, as TOA Conference Day 1 draws to a close, get ready for a dramatic transformation. From 6PM onwards, a wave of disruptive energy will wash over Funkhaus, as it is recast as an experimental, tech playground for TOAxNight.

Surreal sound installations, mind-expanding interactive art exhibits, daring live acts, curated DJ sets, and plenty of secret surprise guests. You won’t soon forget this one-of-a-kind evening that’s been tailored by the veterans of the Berlin party scene specifically to our community. Come with friends or meet mysterious strangers and be ready for the unexpected. Stay tuned for artist lineup and further announcements.

Want free entry & perks for TOAxNight?

Join the Nike & KSP TOA Run!
Get fit before the epic evening and join the run organised by Nike and our official partner Keller Sports on June 19th. Before you sprint, download the KELLER sMiles. app that rewards you for your sports activities. Download the app here: https://www.keller-smiles.de/

Plus, Keller Sports is offering an official KSP x TOA Nike Shirt, free entry to the first 100 runners and free drinks at the KSP x TOA Night to anyone who completes the challenge kicking off on June 14th.