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Contact Monika monika@toaberlin.com or +4917645747360 (whatsapp or text ONLY).

DT50 @TOA18 Program


TOA is an interdisciplinary festival taking place on 19-22 June in Berlin that consists of:

  • Conference 20-21 June at Funkhaus (Nalepastrasse 18, 12459 Berlin)

    • check speakers & program here

    • check our partners to be present at TOA here 

  • Satellites on 19-22 June across Berlin
    • check and RSVP to Satellite events here



10:00-17:00 DT50 exhibition at Startup Alley area

10:00-16:10 DT50 pitches at Späti stage

10:00-11:10  B2B Startup Pitch Competition

Peter Zemsky (INSEAD)

Tommy Oehl (Vito Ventures)

Lina Chong (Target Global)

11:15-12:25  B2C Startup Pitch Competition 

Tim Regder, Earlybird

Rune Theill, Rockstart

Uwe Horstmann, Project A

12:30-13:40 B2B Scaleup Pitch Competition 

Karel Dörner, McKinsey

Gloria Baeuerlein, Index Ventures

Chiara Sommer, Intel Capital

13:45-14:55  B2C Scaleup Pitch Competition

Colin Hana, Balderton

Alex Kudlich, Rocket Internet

Chris Steinau, Northzone

15:00-16:10  Tech for Social Impact Pitch Competition

Sandra Fruendt, Google

Matthias Scheffelmeier, Ashoka

Friederike Schultz (McKinsey)

70 min pitch track highlights:

  • Moderator intros judges (1 min per judge)

  • 10 x startups 90 sec pitch + 3 min Q&As from judges (1 min per judge)

  • 5 min discussion after pitches among judges

  • Moderator: Derk Marseille, Head of Media at Tothem.co


16:30-17:30 Award Ceremony at Studio 2

60 min awards highlights:

  • Moderator intros the DT50 Panel
  • 25 min DT50 Panel (Sandra Fruendt, Alexander Kudlich, Karel Dörner; moderator Robin Wauters)
  • 4 min x 5 tracks (Announcer, Announcement, Thank You)
    • B2B Startup: Announcer Peter Zemsky (INSEAD)
    • B2C Startup: Announcer 2 TBC
    • B2B Scaleup: Announcer Karel Dörner (McKinsey)
    • B2C Scaleup: Announcer Alex Kudlich (Rocket Internet)
    • Tech For Social Impact: Announcer Sandra Fruendt (Google)
  • Overall Awards Moderator: Derk Marseille, Head of Media at Tothem.c

17:30-18:00 Drink Reception next to Studio 2

18:10-19:00 Shuttle to Gala Dinner (exact pick up location TBC, 2 buses x 50 PAX, see note on window "DT50 Dinner"). Dinner address: Elisabethkirche on Invalidenstrasse 4A, 10115 Berlin.

19:00-21:00 DT50 Gala Dinner: connect with other nominees and DT50 hosts. (*NOTE: TOA WILL SEND A SEPARATE RSVP LINK). Dinner address: Elisabethkirche on Invalidenstrasse 4A, 10115 Berlin.

21:00-23:00 DT50 Satellite: connect with Berlin tech ecosystem. (*NOTE: TOA WILL SEND A SEPARATE RSVP LINK). Address: Elisabethkirche on Invalidenstrasse 4A, 10115 Berlin.

Keller Sports presents TOAxNight

An immersive experience overflowing with DJs, art installations, live concerts and different corners ready to be explored.

On June 20th, as TOA Conference Day 1 draws to a close, get ready for a dramatic transformation. From 6PM onwards, a wave of disruptive energy will wash over Funkhaus, as it is recast as an experimental, tech playground for TOAxNight.

Surreal sound installations, mind-expanding interactive art exhibits, daring live acts, curated DJ sets, and plenty of secret surprise guests. You won’t soon forget this one-of-a-kind evening that’s been tailored by the veterans of the Berlin party scene specifically to our community. Come with friends or meet mysterious strangers and be ready for the unexpected. Stay tuned for artist lineup and further announcements.

Want free entry & perks for TOAxNight?

Join the Nike & KSP TOA Run!
Get fit before the epic evening and join the run organised by Nike and our official partner Keller Sports on June 19th. Before you sprint, download the KELLER sMiles. app that rewards you for your sports activities. Download the app here: https://www.keller-smiles.de/

Plus, Keller Sports is offering an official KSP x TOA Nike Shirt, free entry to the first 100 runners and free drinks at the KSP x TOA Night to anyone who completes the challenge kicking off on June 14th.



Tickets & Registration

  • Google, McKinsey and Rocket Internet as DT50 Partners receive 15 Corporate tickets to TOA festival. Each partner will get a special code to redeem tickets. 
  • Wristbands can be picked up at the registration desk (Lane X - TBC) on the day of the Conference (20-21 June). Wristbands will give you access to the designated areas and must be worn at all times. 
  • DT50 Gala Dinner: TOA team will send a separate RSVP link.
  • DT50 Satellite: TOA team will send a separate RSVP link.


Several days before TOA, you will get a link to your email to download TOA app to follow and customize conference program, and schedule meetings via Startups, Investors and Corporate partners. 

Check here our Partners that will be present at TOA


You're welcome to use Investor and Corporate lounge on 20-21 June at 10:00-15:00. Please wear your wristband to have access to the lounge at all times. See the Conference location map here.


TOA Conference and DT50 takes places at Funkhaus (Nalepastrasse 18, 12459 Berlin). 

There's no parking available, we highly recommend to use public or sharing transport (Coup, Emmy, Ofo, Drivy). 

Some travel time references: 

  • 25 min taxi and 35 min train ride from Alexanderplatz.
  • 7 minutes taxi ride from Ostkreuz.
  • 20 minutes M21 tram ride from Frankfurter Tor. 

In case you are traveling from abroad, you can use the services of our travel partner TravelPerk


  • Funkhaus is open to the public on 20-21 June at 09:00-20:00.
  • Conference takes place on 20-21 June at 10:00-18:00.
  • Food can be bought at the food court of the Conference area. Cash and card payments accepted, ATM at the gas station next to Funkhaus. 
  • See the Conference location map here


  • Our team recommends to book a hotel or airbnb in the following areas: Mitte, Prenzlauerberg, Kreuzberg, Friedrichshain, Lichtenberg or Alt-Treptow.


  • In case you don't live in Germany, make sure to have an adapter for the German power outlets.