Since we began our journey six years ago, we have been looking
for ways to push the boundaries of the traditional tech conference. Growing from 500 attendees to 20,000+ hasn’t been easy, but it would have certainly not been possible without a passionate team to make it all happen.

Whether you’ve worked at TOA for each year since it’s inception or you are coming to Berlin for the first time this year, we want to thank you for being a part of the story that is Tech Open Air.

The intention of this handbook is to help you understand the procedures on site and make the most of the experience and to provide you some of the tools that will allow you to bring TOA18 to reality in the next few days.

One entire year of work, long working nights and the full spectrum of human emotions are about to depend on our delivery over four days.

So: thank you one more time and let’s get started!

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The Content Team

“Special thanks to all of the volunteers helping to keep our
stages running smoothly. We’ve all been able to sleep easier
knowing that you guys have our back. We really appreciate all of
your enthusiasm, professionalism and dedication in bringing this
to life!”

Stephan, Head of Production

"Thank you so much for your support! Without your help TOA would never be possible! You rock!"

Gary Abela, Head of Partnerships
“Thanks in advance to all those volunteers who are helping out
this year. As it’s our first year in the Haus of Tech, we’re going to
need all the help we can get! Be sure to stop by and say hello.
We’ll be sure to show our gratitude at the Closing Party!”

Kriszta, Volunteer Operations
“Words can’t express my gratitude for your help. So excited to
work alongside you this week. Be sure to make the most of your
time at TOA: meet new people, find new companies, learn learn
learn and of course - have fun!

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Tech Open Air is a four-day interdisciplinary technology festival.
There is a two day conference that takes place at the Funkhaus,
as well as satellite events that occur all over Berlin in over 200
locations. The festival culminates with a closing party for our
attendees, partners, speakers and, of course, you!



In 2012, a bunch of Berlin startup folks came together to create a
new kind of Festival, bound by the desire to build a bridge between
the worlds of tech, music, art and science.
From the onset, we wished for it to become a collaborative effort
by the community, for the community. Together with our attendees
and partners, we crafted the initial format via open town hall
meetups, got our logo crowdsourced, and became the world’s first
crowdfunded festival.
Rather than moulding people and ideas into one format, we seek to
provide a platform for others to build upon.
Technology is a transformative power that disrupts entire industries
and touches every angle of life. By bringing together technological
changemakers with representatives of different disciplines, we help
the disrupted better anticipate the future and the technologists
better understand the world they change.


GEneral Information

Info about transport, registration, processes can be found here.

Our venue

Funkhaus Berlin is our main venue for TOA. Satellites, Open Circle and our music program is taking place at different locations all over town.


Volunteer Roles

We will have more than 300 volunteers who dedicate their time to help us make TOA18 happen. 


Satellite Events

In addition to the two-day conference, Tech Open Air works with the best visionaries, businesses, and creatives from across the scene to put together an unparalleled selection of events at a variety of di erent locations across the city. Almost all of the events are free to attend, but priority will be given to TOA Conference ticket and satellite pass holders.

Team members are encouraged to attend satellites when they have capacity to demonstrate their valuebale part of TOA.



We always close out TOA with a bang, and this year will be no di erent. With the TOA Music Fest, you’ll be able to meet, mingle and dance the night away with fellow volunteers, attendees and speakers.


Use of Radio Channels

After the morning Team Huddle radios will be distributed to ensure smooth communications during the day.

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Open Circle

Open Circle is an invite-only event series limited to TOA speakers, investors and select media. This format covers unique experiences such as talks, dinners, and networking to smaller groups of like-minded people. The Open Circle events are run in parallel to the festival and are intended to cultivate a network amongst these elite guests so that they can gain even more from their time at TOA.

Note: It is likely that you won’t see any of the Open Circle events - unless you are a part of the Open Circle team, as these events take place off site.



We have different networks set up throughout our venue. 



What time do I have to be there? Who do I approach with my question? Where do I send someone who hast lost their mind?


General Information

The Location

The festival will be located at Funkhaus Berlin, Nalepastraße 18, 12459 Berlin. See their website for more photos and information about the venue.

Venue Map anchor

Getting there

  • Tram 21 Station Blockdammweg
  • biking
  • car 
  • Coup e-Scooter Sharing:


  • you will receive your team wristbands either at our office at Ahoy! or at the production office on site
  • be sure you are signed in 

Essential July 12 and 13 timetable: tbd

  • 6.45am TOA Team Arrives at the Funkhaus
  • 7.00am Team Huddle
  • 8.00am Funkhaus Doors Open
  • 9.30am Stage Doors Open
  • 10.00am On-stage Content Begins
  • 5.00pm On-stage Content Ends
  • 8.00pm Funkhaus Doors Close.

Food & Drink

We have special team catering from the 15th onwards. You will receive  counted food tokens for every meal, so make sure not to lose any.

Wristband Types

We have a variety of different wristband colors. Please make yourself familiar with their access levels. LINK/FOTO


Volunteer roles

Speakers Service:

Our speakers are super important to the festival as the whole conference is built around them and their contribution, and it’ll be your responsibility to assist them and make sure they have everything they need. You’ll also track down speakers if they go missing, so you can tell your friends you were a private investigator if you like.

Media Lounge:

Some of our speakers will be giving interviews after their talks, so it’s your job to escort them to the interview booth. People will be dying to ask a few questions off-stage so make sure the person in your charge doesn’t get swamped and makes it to their scheduled interview on time.

Information & Hospitality:

You’re the touchpoint of the festival. The omniscient being. You provide directions to stages and toilets alike, hand out flyers, and answer general questions about the program.

Registration & Welcome:

You will be the smiling face welcoming all of our attendees to the festival. If you’re a personable sort of guy or gal who wants everyone to have a great start to the festival, then registration is for you.

Event Construction:

We’d need your help setting up and taking down the sets and rigs – so you’d be here before the festival starts, and after the festival ends. What this means is you get to enjoy most of TOA18 unfettered. A thank you for giving up a lot of time with us.

Ground Maintenance:

You’ll be manning the cloakroom and occasionally going around picking up rubbish – we understand it isn’t glamorous, but it’s got to be done. It’s pretty easy and a fairly low effort way of getting a free ticket to TOA. Think about it!

Stage Support:

If you’ve got some knowledge of tech, and wanna see what goes on behind the curtain then being a stagehand would suit you. You would be part of the team that prepares the stage for speakers and assisting in making sure everything goes to plan. German is preferred as it will make everything a lot easier for the production team.

Satellite Event Support:

TOA’s satellite events turn Berlin into an interactive hub of tech, music, and art. Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to welcome people to the events and check them in. You’re our ambassador at these events – make us proud!

Open Circle Support:

The Open Circle event series takes places concurrent to TOA at different venues throughout the city and will need some help to be executed as well.


List of Radio Channels

Please find a detailed list of our radio channels below. Only take a radio if you have been assigned one since their number is limited and familiarize yourself with their use and the radio discipline!

Channel 1 - Floor Management

Channel 2 - Production

Channel 3 - Partnerships

Channel 4 - Operations

Channel 5 - Press

Channel 6 - External Service Providers

Channel 7 - Audio + Frames (Technical Equipment)

Channel 8 - Security

Channel 9 - Studio 1

Channel 10 - Studio 2

Channel 11 - Studio 3

Channel 12 - Studio 4 (Treppensaal)

Channel 13 - Innovation Stage (Haus of Tech)

Channel 14 - Forest Stage

Channel 15 - Red Bull Bus

Channel 16 - Spare


Radio Discipline

Keep in mind that everyone in your channel will hear your conversation. Therefore keep it it short and stick to the essentials. Longer or more in depth exchanges should be moved to the phone. To ensure smooth and precise communication, stick to the guidelines below:

  • to call someone:
    • press the call button
    • start with the person you want to contact
    • add "for"
    • finish with your name
    • release the call button
  • the requested person should respond with the following
    • their name
    • add "listening"
    • your exchange can take place

eg: Anky is calling Laura.
- "Laura for Anky."
- "Laura listening."
- "Sir Bob still gone missing.".......


  • check if your are not interrupting an ongoing exchange
  • make sure to have the call button pushed the entire time when speaking (and release it afterwards)
  • let people finish
  • keep it short
  • don't be excessively polite 
  • allow some time for people to answer
  • check if you are on the correct channel




  • TOA18              
  • TOA18_Speakers (PW: TOA2018!)

  • TOA18_Production (PW: production)

  • TOA18_Team (PW: teamtoa18)

  • TOA18_Partners (PW: toa18partner)

  • TOA18_Registration (PW: registration_toa)

  • TOA18_Press (PW: toapress)



Frequently Asked Questions


Can people enter without having a ticket?

Unfortunately, this is a ticketed event. Everyone attending must have registered via our website beforehand and check in at the registration. 

Are attendees allowed to leave the venue once they have checked-in?

Yes, attendees are allowed to leave the event. Re-entry is granted with their wristband, which they will receive when they check in. Wristbands are to be kept on at all times.

Can attendes attend the conference without a wristband?

Everyone on site must be displaying their wristband on their wrist. If this is not the case, please ask for clarification upon noticing.

Can tickets be transfered?

Tickets can be transferred as long as they have not been reedemed easily by the ticket holders themselves when they follow the ticket link in their confirmation email.

Are tickets resellable?

Unfortunately not. Tickets are not for resale.

An attendee has lost its wristband. What happens next?

In the case of lost wristband, please escort the attendee to the Info and Troubleshooting counter where the crew will assist.

Are minors allowed?

The short answer is no. Minors are allowed on the Funkhaus grounds ONLY if accompained by a responsible guardian.

Is the TOA Music Fest (Closing Party) an open event?

The TOA Music Fest is an open event, accessible upon purchasing a ticket. Tickets can be purchased online beforehand and at the door.

Where and when does the TOA Music Fest take place?



Is transportation included in the attendees tickets?

No, transportation is unfortunately not included.

What are the bus shuttle times? What are the boat shuttle times?


What are the different ticket categories?

A breakdown of all ticket categories can be found here.

What ticket categories are included in Open Circle?

Selected speakers, supporters and curated fews are part of the Open Circle program.

Do attendees have access to all conference formats?

Festival, Corporate, Startup and Investor tickets have access to the main conference, the Haus of Tech and the outdoors areas. Workshops are only bookable for Corporate, Startup and Investor tickets. Satellite + Expo ticket holders only have access to the Haus of Tech and the food court on June 21st.


Are there food and drinks?

Crew, Volunteers and Team meals are catered in the designated area. Attendees can purchase meals and snacks at the foodtrucks and in the on-site restaurant Milchbar.

When is the booze served?

Booze is served from 12pm. The TOA Staff is however not allowed to drink on site before 6pm.

Is there an ATM?

The is unfortunately no ATM on site, but cash can be withdrawn at the Shell service station preceding the Funkaus entrance, as marked in the general map.

Do attendees have to pay to use the Cloakroom?

No, coat and bag checking in our Cloakroom is totally free. The Cloakroom is also where Lost & Found are to be located if anything is lost on the days.

What times is the Cloakroom open?

The Cloackrook will be open to the public between 8am and 7pm on both days. Lost & Found will be kept in TOA o ce past those times.

Where is the Lost & Found?

The Lost & Found is located in the Cloakroom on the Ground Floor of the Bauhaus building.

Is there Wifi at Funkaus?

Yes, multiple networks are available. The attendee network is named TOA18 and can be accessed via the password toalovesyou

Where are the Toilets located?

Toilets can be found throughout the venue. Please memorize their position in the Venue Map

Is smoking allowed inside?

Smoking is not allowed indoor in the venue, but it is allowed on the Funkhaus outdoors, exception made for the the Sun Stage, Forest Stage or otherwise specified.

Is there a wheelchair access?

Funkhaus is regrettably not entirely accessible via wheelchair. The staff in the are marked as Ambulance in the map is however available on call to assist.


Where can I find an overview of the program?

The program is available online, in the printed booklet distritbuted to all goodie bags and in the iOS and Android App.

Are attendees allowed to take pictures/ lm at the event?

Taking photographs for private use is permitted in principle. On entering the event site, visitors consent to the unpaid use of their image and voice for photographs, live transmissions, broadcasts and/or recordings of image and/or sound, which are created by the organiser or his agents in connection with the event and their subsequent use including advertising purposes in all current and future media (in particular in the form of tapes and disks, and their digital distribution, e.g. via the internet as well as to use via social media and marketing channels, display marketing on

and o the organiser’s premises, advertorials on and o organiser’s premises)

General Team Questions

When should I be at Funkhaus?

Please see your personalized schedule here attached. If you have doubts, or have spotted a mistake, please be in touch with jacopo@ about it. Please be punctual at all times and manage communications accordingly.

I am unclear about my shift?

Please let your team lead immediately know. No matter what, please always be proactive and don’t be afraid of asking questions.

When does my schedule ends?

The assigned satellite events are to be considered in the same regard as assigned shifts. All our shifts end at 7pm on Friday the 14th for the closing party. TBD

Am I attending of Open Circle?

As much as we would love everyone to join, it’s unfortunately not possible due to timing and capacity issues to have team members with non Open-Circle related tasks join the program.

Will I be able to work on-site at the Funkhaus?

Our team will be able to work at Funkhaus in the Spreeblick space (to become speakers lounge) on Monday and Tuesday, and in the Team office located TBD on Wednesday and Thursday (please note that the Team office, Production office and Volunteers lounge are three different environments).

How many complimentary tickets will I have?

At the time being, every TOA team member get 3 complimentary tickets for friends and loved ones to join you at TOA18. Please manage their expectations by letting them now that you will be on- site working and that you will unfortunately have no availability to spend time with them at the Funkhaus.

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Team Phone Numbers